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婚庆基地占地20000M²,打造法式园林景观,大水法、罗马穹顶亭、华尔街金牛、皇家马车等各类雕塑装点其中,栩栩如生,营造浪漫的婚庆气氛,可举办形式各样的户外婚礼仪式。宴会厅占地2200 M²,主体为张拉膜结构,是开敞式的大型宴会厅,可同时容纳120桌宴席,举办各类论坛、讲座、文艺汇演等活动,功能多样。


#Wedding Base (Banquet Hall)

The wedding base covers an area of 20000 M², includes French garden landscape, water law, Rome dome pavilion, Wall Street bull, royal carriage, etc. The wedding base creates a romantic wedding atmosphere that can hold various forms of outdoor wedding ceremony. The banquet hall covers an area of 2200 M². The main body is a tension membrane structure. It is an open type large banquet hall that can accommodate 120 tables at the same time. It can hold all kinds of activities such as BBS, lectures, art performances and others.






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